I moved to Thailand, with my husband, in the fall of 2013. I wasn't sure how I would adjust to my new surroundings, but was all too ready to leave the corporate scene. We quickly fell in love with the people, sights and sounds of Thailand. Being an LA girl I wasn't very familiar with seasons, but have come to love the roaring thunder and relief from heat that afternoon rain showers bring. The vibrant colors of the varied landscapes still put me in a state of awe. From the limestone formations jutting out of the turquoise waters to the brilliant green blades of the rice paddy fields stretched out for miles, my senses never get bored.

In my travels I have had opportunities to visit picturesque white sand beaches in the South to magnificent emerald mountains of the North where one can enjoy the amazing wildlife. There are not many things more gratifying than being able to enjoy nature up close and personal, like watching a baby elephant bathe itself in a river. Living in a valley in the Northern region, we enjoy rolling green hills, waterfalls and good old-fashion country folk. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the ways of the locals and sharing with them things I have learned.

I created Thai and Turquoise to give you a glimpse into the beauty that is Thailand. My collection consists of quality hand-crafted jewelry that is made here in Thailand. The pieces include beads, glass, stones and other natural materials.